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Insight Driven Content Production, Challenging The Way We Think Daily To Create Results That Matter.

We're a full service production company based in Queenstown, New Zealand.

We represent some of New Zealand's best creative talent, bringing together a dream team of creators specialising in video production, photography & the strategy to back it up.



Whether you have a sweet idea already or don't have a clue what you want, we will help you turn whatever your idea is into a creative masterpiece. We use audience research and understanding of our subjects, to shape our product and ultimately looking at how best to engage your ideal customers.

Production &


This part is pretty self explanatory, we bring together a carefully curated team to produce, film, edit, photograph your project. Hell you might even find us modelling too. Whatever needs to happen to bring your idea to life happens here. We remove the blinkers and take each project on with a fresh perspective. No project is the same and therefore do not get treated like it.

Delivery &


Delivery sounds like a simple enough stage of the process, and it is. But it's important not to get left behind in this crazy world of social media, so we deliver your project in a range of formats to suit different platforms. We help you reach the audience you want to, speak in a new way or amplify your message. By implementing creativity with strategy, we make content that engages and impacts your audience.

Ryan Quirke

A results-driven Video Producer, I pride myself on always keeping high standards of creative services. I love what I do, and my passion for video content has shined through in all of my work since I picked up a camera for the first time. I work on projects in all stages of development from concept to creation, and am always happy to collaborate on productions of all types. 

Video Producer, Director & Shooter

For me taking photographs is more than a profession. It’s a true lifelong passion. I love to capture genuine moments and have the ability to frame images in interesting and unique ways. I strive to spend as much time as possible taking incredible photographs that capture the raw beauty of the world. I’ve made this vision a reality. Every time I take a photograph, I think about how lucky I am to have made my passion into my career.

Lead Photographer & Video Cam Op

Frederico Pagola
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