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Think Loud is a video production & photography company based in Queenstown, NZ.

We don't just produce videos, we craft standout experiences. We think big and make an impact. We're more than a video production company; we're a hub of creative innovation. Our approach is unique: for each project,. We do this by selecting freelancers whose passions and expertise perfectly align with the project's goals. This ensures that every project is not only a masterpiece in its own right but also a perfect match for your brand's identity. The result is twofold: content that sets you apart from competitors and invigorates your target audience, all while creating a fulfilling & inspiring experience for our creative team.


Let's work together to create something truly extraordinary.

Director &

Beginning as a hobby over 10 years ago, my path in video production started with skateboarding and snowboarding videos, coupled with nightlife photography. This passion expanded into the automotive sector, where I worked with leading automotive events and some of the country's top drifters both nationally and internationally. In 2018, I moved to Queenstown, enhancing my skills with High Performance Academy, an online automotive training platform, producing, shooting & editing their video courses and webinars. This experience paved the way for founding Think Loud Collective in 2020, where my early interests have evolved into a career dedicated to creating diverse, innovative, and impactful projects

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